Frequently Asked Questions

EverAfter offers a unique customer experience and delivers artwork that celebrates your pet’s life in an unprecedented way, using an innovative and proprietary process. This is something that has never been offered before, so it’s natural if you have questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, ash does not have an expiration date.

Yes, you can order multiple kits. At the time of ordering you will identify the name of each of your pets and each kit will arrive coded specifically to match with your pet's name. This code and customer number is tracked through the entire process to ensure your specific pet’s ashes are only used to create the artwork for your specific pet.

The tablespoon of ash sent to us is consumed in the art process and there is nothing left to return.

At EverAfter we take detailed measures to keep each sample paired with each customer’s order number and there are multiple check points throughout the process. We have created a specific numbering system and operating procedure that makes switching samples virtually impossible.

A lifetime of accumulated trace chemical elements remains in the calcium that make up the skeletal structure of all living creatures. Based on the eating habits and environmental surroundings, those trace elements are unique to each living being, human or animal. While only bone fragment ash remains after the cremation process, that ash contains identifiable trace chemical elements that are the essential signature of what was once a living being and represents its distinct, unique and lasting fingerprint.

EverAfter’s art creation process extracts the essential chemical trace elements from pet ash and uses them to create natural forming microscopic crystals. Those crystals, when photographed using sophisticated microscopes, produce an abstract piece of art representative of the precise form and color dictated by each extracted sample. Each art production, therefore, is unique to each pet.

The shapes, forms and colors are all naturally formed based on the crystal composition from the essential chemistry extracted from each ash sample. The crystal shape and chemical content influence the color palette of each sample by altering the wavelength of light passing through the sample being photographically imaged.

We provide you with a USPS Priority Mail Express Mail® Padded Flat Rate Envelope to send us back the ash/box through the mail. All you need to do is drop it off at the post office. Postage has already been paid by EverAfter.

The file will be sent to you via your email address. On checkout there is the option to also print the image on various different canvas sizes as well as receive the digital art file.

Lead time from when we receive the sample is 4-6 weeks.

Yes, pet ashes can be sent straight from the vet/crematorium provided that the return card in the kit is filled out properly with the pet owner’s contact information.

We will send a receipt to the email provided for the gift.

We do not manipulate or change the art made from the ash of your pet. Our intent from the beginning has never been to make aesthetic judgements regarding any individual image since they represent a naturally forming art process. What you receive will be an abstract image representative of your sample. The artwork is abstract, inspiring a journey of imagination and remembrance, and in each piece there is something that ignites a fond memory.

We will update you when we receive your pet's ashes and then will send you an email when it is complete and ready to view.

We use the entire 1 tablespoon of ash in the process of creating these unique art pieces. Indeed the essence of what is contained in the ash becomes the microscopic structure that is imaged and the microscopic structure itself, once photographed, has a short stable life before virtually evaporating. All incoming sample ash is handled with enormous respect and care, even more so, because it is the basis upon which the memorializing art is created.

As of right now EverAfter is only accepting pet ashes for our process and product.

Any pet that is cremated can be used for our one-of-a-kind process.

The one tablespoon sample (the volume of the measuring spoon supplied in the EverAfter Kit) is all that is needed.

Our art creation process is based only on residual chemistry contained in the sample ash. The ash does not contain any DNA material.