EverAfter art is a powerful and restorative experience, connecting people to their faithful companions even after death in a meaningful and personalized way. Through this art, we hope you celebrate a journey of loving and happy memories that represent the essence of life you shared with your pet.

See some testimonials below to see how EverAfter art has helped touch lives, heal hearts, and spark joy.

"I look at my Ever After art every time I come home and feel like I’m looking at his beautiful spirit. It makes me so happy!"

"I placed the artwork on my nightstand and every night when I go to sleep, I lay there and recall the great memories of my best friend of 17 years."

"Thank you so much to the EverAfter team for sending this amazing print of my dog Tommy. He was such an incredible pet, we loved him very much like one of the family. It was really beautiful to see his essence displayed."

"What’s more heartfelt than receiving a unique photo of a very special family member? Being able to smile every time I look at the photo and knowing this picture represents many years of joy and fun. My wife and EverAfter gave me the opportunity to see my precious kitty even after she passed over the rainbow bridge. This is for sure the gift that keeps on giving! I would certainly suggest sharing this unbelievably one of a kind piece of art to anyone who loves something as much as I loved and miss my Tess."